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Our Services

Conveyer Belts and Equipment

We manufacture sky guards & bridges, conveyor belt crossings, water strainers & manifolds, dust suppression systems, various brackets and mounts, frames, pulleys, guides, anchors systems, cable accessories and more.

Cables and Cable Equipment

We manufacture anchors systems, shuttle car guides, cable skids, universal hangers, substation wall panels & partitions, stands, cable baskets, cable basket skids, telecon trailers, electrical gear transport and more

Diesel Machine Accessories

We manufacture canopies, landing legs, hydraulic equipment, jockey wheels, trailer pedestals, wheel chocks, hitch pins, towbar suspenders, suspension, turntables, A-frames and more for diesel machines.

Mining Equipment and Accessories

We manufacture various equipment and accessories for the mining industry including, wall plugs, anchor installations, bolt adapters, oil trolleys, recuse chambers and trailers, fire trolleys, pick hammers and much more.

Specialists in Engineering Solutions

In House Design

Designs on manufactured items are done in-house. This gives us extensive control over our quality and enables us to provide end products that are guaranteed to be of high-quality standards. This also means that custom designs are possible.

Problem Solving

We pride ourselves on excellent problem-solving. As problems arise the need to engineer solutions can be critical. Our team is well versed in tackling even the most problematic situations and is well equipped to provide excellent solutions.
Our strong points are in problem-solving. We do in-house design to ensure quick solutions to overcome your problems

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Address25 Reading Rd, Evander, Mpumalanga,  2280

About Us

Both JW Botha and PP Sekabate were employed at Veldkon Engineering for 20 years and are well groomed for the Mining Industry and its requirements. Waypoint is also a BEEE
approved entity and accepted by numerous companies as such.

As of October 2004, we had taken over the Veldkon Engineering premises, equipment and most of their employees. We can, therefore, assure you with confidence, that we are well
equipped and qualified to service the industry.

Our strong points are in problem-solving and we do in-house design to ensure quick
solutions to overcome your problems.

Engineering fabricators of steel, aluminum and stainless steel equipment as per your specifications
. Documented quality control to ensure quality products.

Situated in Evander, we are right on your doorstep, convenient fora speedy response when

Driven by the Passion

to Engineer Solutions

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